Maria Thoughts Physique Well being

Maria Thoughts Physique Well being

So lots of my purchasers are having AMAZING outcomes following my protein sparing meal plans, I made the ULTIMATE protein sparing cookbook known as The Final Fats Loss Cookbook!

The Final Fats Loss Cookbook is stuffed with Protein Sparing recipes and meal plans that can assist you lose fats and lose it quick!

I made a decision to name this The Final Fats Loss Cookbook as a result of it’s one of the simplest ways to lose fats whereas sustaining my muscle.

These recipes are 100% dairy free and gluten free and perfected for weight reduction and therapeutic! They’re all NEW recipes that aren’t in some other protein sparing cookbook!

I could not be extra happy with The Final Fats Loss Cookbook! It’s stuffed with extra recipes than ANY e book available on the market and it additionally has meal plans! Not solely that, however these are the BEST protein sparing recipes ever! This does not really feel like a food plan whenever you get to eat such scrumptious meals!

This e book has over recipes (30% greater than our final e book)!

If you’re questioning what recipes are included in The Final Fats Loss Cookbook, right here is my record:


Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Shake 16
Cinnabon Breakfast Cake for two 17
Candy Fry Bread 19
Snickerdoodle Waffles 20
Deconstructed Rooster and Waffles 22
Croque Monsieur Bread Pudding 23
Butterscotch Breakfast Pudding 24
Floating Islands 25
South of the Boarder Dutch Child 27
Tastes Like Thanksgiving Souffle Omlete 28
Waffles 29
Shamrock Shake 30


Spicy Lime Dressing 32
Protein Sparing Jelly 33
Ambrosia Sauce 34
Protein Sparing Mayo 35
Protein Sparing Ranch Dip 36
Simple Ginger Sauce 37
Asian Sauce 38
Caesar Salad Dressing 39
Alabama White BBQ Sauce 40
Taco Salad Dressing 41


Rooster Nuggets 43
Simple Pizza Dutch Child 44
Coconut Shrimp with Orange Marmalade 45
Fish Stick 46
Breaded Rooster Patties 47
Rooster Neapolitan 48
Easy Spicy Poultry Bowl 49
BBQ Pulled Pork Cups 50
Asian Spaghetti and Meatballs 51
Immediate Pot Enchiladas 52
Maria’s Favourite Lunch 53
Mojito Shrimp 55
Leftover Turkey Fried “Rice” 56
Grandpa Joe’s Pepper Steak 57
Carolina BBQ Pork Chops 58
Simple Baked Thai Lettuce Wraps 59
Ambrosia Rooster 60
Simple Mexican Tenderloin 61
Rooster Cordon Bleu Waffles 62
Easy Candy n Bitter Rooster Bowl 63
Easy Lemongrass Ginger Bowl 64
Hawaiian Ham Sliders 65
Beef Stroganoff over Protein Noodles 66
Simple Floor Beef Stroganoff 67
Simple Shrimp Adobo 68
Simple Mushy Shell Crab with Ginger Sauce 69
Simple BBQ Shrimp 71
Asian Rooster and Protein Noodles 73
Simple Candy and Bitter Salmon 75
Crimson Curry Rooster and Naan Bread 77
Simple Protein Noodle Chow Mein 78
Simple Havanna Shrimp 79
Simple Kung Pao Beef 80
German Rouladen 82
Alabama BBQ Rooster 83
Tex Mex Rooster Tenders 84
Egg Roll Burritos 86
Simple Lobster Diavolo for two 87
Rooster Tikka Masala 88
Gradual Cooker PSMF Mississippi Roast 89
Simple Sesame Salmon 90


Protein Sparing Bread Hawaiian Rolls 92
Protein Sparing Marvel Bread 94
Garlic Bread 96
Flour and Breading 97
Chaffles/Waffles 98
Naan Bread 99
Thanksgiving Jellied Cranberry Sauce 100
Cocktail Sauce 101
Easy Crab Cocktail 102
Chex Combine 103
Air Fryer French Fries 104
Easy Cioppino 105
Immediate Pot and Gradual Cooker Pho 106
Truffle Rooster Soup 108
Mexican Meatball Soup 109
Easy Asian Rooster Soup 111
Asian Crab Muffins 112
Seafood Salad 113
Crab Fritters 115
Simple Rooster Caesar Salad with Croutons 116
Japanese Clear Mushroom Soup 117
Simple Taco Salad 118


Chocolate Flan 120
Scorching Chocolate with Marshmallows 122
Flourless Crimson Velvet Cake 123
Vanilla Cake 125
Churros 126
Flourless Fudgy Cookies 128
Frozen Scorching Chocolate 129
Fudgesicle 130
Protein Chocolate Frosting 131
Mini Cake for two 132
Root Beer Ice Pops 133
Halle Berries Danish 134
Tiramisu 136
clair 138
Xmas Log 140
Nutella Cake 142
Dessert Quesadilla 144


Meal Plan Week 1 146
Grocery Record Week 1 147
Meal Plan Week 2 148
Grocery Record Week 2 149
Meal Plan Week 3 150
Grocery Record Week 3 151
Meal Plan Week 4 152
Grocery Record Week 4