While blockchain is just seen as a ledger to record crypto payments, it can, in fact, be used for any type of financial transaction, Algorand Foundation CEO Staci Warden told Yahoo Finance Live (video above).

Warden explained that blockchain can streamline international financial transactions much faster than traditional banking systems because there is no bank acting as a middleman.

“A blockchain is a completely different animal. It’s one ledger. If somebody in Brazil wants to send somebody in France $10, it has to travel through the correspondent banking system of the US [and] clear at the Fed. Somebody takes between 6% and 8% off the top, and it might get there four days later. So that transaction between, say Brazil and France, will happen immediately on Algorand,” Warden said.

Businessman using a computer to Blockchain technology concept with a chain of encrypted blocks to secure cryptocurrencies and bitcoin for online payments and money transaction

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It’s all about speed, Warden added. “We are doing about 6,000 transactions per second, moving to 10,000 transactions per second this year. It’ll happen in 3.9 seconds on Algorand,” Warden said.

While crypto companies are under investigation for fraud, Warden touted the transparency of being easily able to trace transactions through the blockchain.

“Transactions are entered, and then they are immutable. It’s about integrity. And so that you know when something is entered, nobody else can mess around with it,” Warden said.

Warden told Yahoo Finance Live that financial transactions can be hacker-proof because the blockchain is decentralized and the information is not just stored on one computer.

“If it’s one ledger, you can’t have one entity control that ledger. It has to be decentralized because if one, you know, the computer gets attacked, it has to be able to live in a healthy manner on all of the other computers,” Warden said.

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