LUBBOCK, Texas– Texas Tech University freshman, Aaliyah Kikumoto, made headlines at the Masters Tournament Easter Weekend as the “The Masters Girl” as determined by the internet.

Prior to becoming a viral sensation, Kikumoto enrolled as a Business Marketing major and a proud member of the TTU Pom Squad.

She told she’s always wanted to be famous on social media for what she’s “best at.” Talking about dance and being ‘The Masters Girl” was a great start to that.

“I can continue all of this and continue growing and becoming…[a] really good dancer that also is the Masters Girl.”

Kikumoto explained that the viral video came to be when she was waiting on a golfer to make his putt. She started laughing with her dad when she realized the cameras were on her.

She said golf has been an activity she and her family have done together since she was a child and started tagging along to the Masters with her father and grandfather last year.

Her parents showcased their pride for their daughter’s viral moment in a social media post that said “YAY!!! Repping Texas Tech!!! Go TTU Poms!!!! So proud of my hubby [Charles Kikumoto] and TTU Poms daughter Aaliyah!!!!”

She also said her friends on the pom squad wasted no time reminding her that she is in fact an internet celebrity when she returned to campus on Tuesday.

“All my friends [were] coming up like getting on a knee. They’re like, oh my goodness, it’s [the] Masters Girl. My friends were like flashing flashlights to like, pretend to be like paparazzi like it was just so funny.”

One of Kikumoto’s friends, Ava, told that she and some of the other girls have not given her a break since returning to campus after Easter weekend. She also said Kikumoto was one of the nicest and most upbeat people you could ever meet.

Kikumoto said she plans to spend the next four years on the TTU Pom Squad and working towards her degree.

By sampay